Excel files open slowly from network resources (Microsoft Office File Validation Add-in KB2501584)

By | 5 lipca 2011

After taking many tests, it turned out that security patch  Microsoft Office File Validation Add-in KB2501584 is quite exhausting because:

  • Files, that were created in Microsoft Excel 2.0, Microsoft Excel 3.0 lub Microsoft Excel 4.0 don’t pass validation while opening in Office 2003.
  • Solver.xla do not pass validation in Office 2003 package.
  • After pasting many charts in document Office 2003 package, paste function may take a lot of time.
  • Opening Office 2003 files from network share takes a long time.

But the worst of all is XLS files support, which are opening terribly slow… That’s why I have solution for this problem. The easiest way to fix this problem is switching off validation of Excel files by adding proper entry in the registry. Step by step:

  • Close Excel
  • Open registry editor.
  • In
    add new value DWORD named EnableOnLoad and value 0.
  • And now your Excel files from network drive are opening exactly the same like before patch.

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